Thiruvalluvar University Courses

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013

Thiruvalluvar University in Vellore offer various graduate and post graduate courses in science and humanities. Given below is the list of courses offered by Thiruvalluvar University
  • Department of Tamil
    Courses: B.A. Tamil, M.A. Tamil

  • Department of English
    Courses: B.A. English, M.A. English

  • Department of Economics
    Courses: B.A. Economics, M.A. Economics

  • Department of Mathematics
    Courses: B.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics

  • Department of Chemistry
    Courses: B.Sc. Chemistry, M.Sc. Chemistry

  • Department of Zoology
    Courses: B.Sc. Zoology,M.Sc. Zoology

  • Department of Biotechnology
    Courses: M.Sc. Biotechnology
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