Madurai Kamaraj University Courses

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013

Madurai Kamaraj University has 18 Schools comprising of 73 Departments. It has 109 affiliated Colleges (9 Autonomous) including other approved institutions and 7 evening colleges. There are centres which promote research potential of teachers. Extension activities are carried out through Department of Youth Welfare, NSS, SC/ST cell and Adult Education programmes.

Given below is the list of courses offered by Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Department: Architecture and Planning
    Course: M. A.-Kannada

  • Department: Arts
    Courses: M. Phil-Christianity
    M. Phil-Kannada
    Ph. D-Kannada

  • Department: Astrology
    Course: Diploma Programmes-Astrology

  • Department: Bio-informatics
    Course: Advanced P.G. Dip.-Bio Informatics

  • Department: Bio-Science
    Courses: M.Sc.-Biochemical Technology
    M.Sc-.Environmental Science
    M.Sc.-Integrated Biology

  • Department: Biological Sciences
    Course: P G (Sc.) Certificate course-Plant Genetic Engineering

  • Department: Biotechnology
    Course: M.Sc.-Bio -Technology

  • Department: Business Administration
    Courses: B. B. A.-Business Administration
    Diploma Programmes-School Administration
    M. B. A.-Banking
    M. B. A.-Finance
    M. B. A.-Marketing

  • Department: Business and Industrial Management
    Course: P. G. Diploma-Personnel Management & Industrial Relation

  • Department: Chemistry
    Courses: M. Phil-Chemistry
    Ph. D-Chemistry

  • Department: Commerce
    Courses: B.Com.-Commerce
    M. Com.-Banking
    M. Com.-Co-operative Management
    M. Phil-Commerce
    M.F.C-Finance and Control
    M.F.C-Master of Finance and Control
    Ph. D-Commerce

  • Department: Communication Systems
    Course: P. G. Diploma-Visual Communication

  • Department: Computer Applications
    Courses: B.Com.-Computer Applications
    BCA-Computer Applications
    MCA-Computer Applications

  • Department: Computer Science
    Courses: Diploma Programmes-Computer Animation
    M. Phil-Computer Science
    P. G. Diploma-E-Commerce

  • Department: Criminology
    Course: P. G. Diploma-Criminology and Police Administration

  • Department: Economics
    Courses: B.A-Economics
    M. A.-Economics
    M. A.-Economics
    M. Phil-Economics

  • Department: Education
    Courses: M. Phil-Education

  • Department: Electronics and Communication
    Course: M.Sc.-Electronics & Communication

  • Department: English Language and Literature
    Courses: B.A-English
    M. A.-English
    M. Phil-English

  • Department: Environmental Remote Sensing and Cartography
    Course: M.Sc.-Environmental Remote sensing & Geo-Information Technology

  • Department: Folklore
    Courses: M. A.-Folklore
    M. Phil-Folklore

  • Department: French
    Course: Certificate Course-French

  • Department: Genetics
    Courses: M.Sc.-Genomics

  • Department: Geography
    Course: M.Sc.-Geography

  • Department: Hindi
    Courses: M. Phil-Hindi
    M. A.-History
    M. Phil-History

  • Department: Journalism & Mass Communication
    Courses: M. A.-Journalism & Mass Communication
    M. Phil-Journalism & Mass Communication
    M.J.M.C.-Journalism & Mass Communication
    P. G. Diploma-Journalism & Mass Communication

  • Department: Labor Welfare
    Course: M. A.-Labour Studies Management

  • Department: Law
    Course: Diploma Programmes-Labour Laws & Administrative Law

  • Department: Library and Information Science
    Courses: B. Lib. I. Sc.-Library and Information Science
    Certificate Course-Library and Information Science
    M. LISc-Library and Information Science

  • Department: Linguistics
    Courses: Certificate Course-LINGUISTICS & in TRANSLATION
    Diploma Programmes-LINGUISTICS & in TRANSLATION
    M. A.-Linguistics
    M. Phil-Linguistics

  • Department: Malayalam
    Courses: M. A.-Malayalam
    M. Phil-Malayalam
    Ph. D-Malayalam

  • Department: Management Studies
    Courses: M. Phil-Entrepreneurship
    M. Phil-Labour StudiesManagement
    M. Phil-Management
    M.B.A.-Management Studies
    P. G. Diploma-Hospital & Health Management
    P. G. Diploma-Management
    P. G. Diploma-Marketing Management
    P. G. Diploma-NGOs Management
    P. G. Diploma-Public Relations

  • Department: Mass Media & Creative Writing
    Course: P. G. Diploma-Multimedia Technology

  • Department: Materials Science
    Course: Ph. D-Materials Science

  • Department: Mathematics
    Courses: B. Sc.-Mathematics
    M. Phil-Mathematics
    M. Sc.-Mathematics

  • Department: Maths
    Course: M.Sc.-Mathematical Economics

  • Department: Microbiology
    Course: M.Sc.-Microbial Gene Technology

  • Department: Philosophy
    Course: M. A.-Philosophy

  • Department: Physics
    Courses: M. Phil-Physics
    M. Sc.-Physics

  • Department: Political Science
    Courses: B.A-Political Science
    M. A.-Political Science
    M. Phil-Political Science

  • Department: Public Administration
    Courses: M. A.-Public Administration
    M. Phil-Public Administration

  • Department: Religious Studies
    Course: M. Phil-Peace Making and Gandhian Thought

  • Department: Rural Studies
    Course: M. Phil-Gandhian Thought and Peace Science

  • Department: Saiva Siddhantha
    Course: Diploma Programmes-Saiva Siddhantha

  • Department: Sanskrit
    Course: M. A.-Sanskrit

  • Department: Science
    Course: M. Phil-Material Science

  • Department: Social Science
    Course: B.A-Social Science

  • Department: Sociology
    Courses: M. A.-Sociology
    M. Phil-Sociology

  • Department: Statistics
    Course: P. G. Diploma-Bio-statistics

  • Department: Tamil
    Courses: B.A-Tamil
    M. A.-Tamil
    M. A.-Tamil Literature
    M. Phil-Tamil
    Ph. D-Tamil

  • Department: Telugu
    Course: M. Phil-Telugu

  • Department: Telugu and Comparative Literature
    Courses: Certificate Course-Telugu
    Diploma Programmes-Telugu
    Ph. D-Telugu

  • Department: Tourism & Travel Management
    Course: M. A.-Tourism & Travel Management

  • Department: Video Production
    Course: Diploma Programmes-Digital Pre-Press
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