Physical Medicine Syllabus of TNPSC

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
Physical Medicine

Applied Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Skeletal System : Vertebral column, Skeleton of upper and lower limbs, Biomechanics, Pathological changes

Arthrology : Joints and their movements, Clinical conditions, Pathology

Muscular system : Structure of muscle, Physiology of muscle contraction, Types of muscle fibres, Pathology of muscle weakness

Neurology : Anatomy of Brain and Meninges, Blood supply of Spinal cord, Plexuses Peripheral nervous system, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of Bowel and Bladder

Cardio-pulmonary system : Basic Anatomy and Physiology Cardiac dysfunction, Pulmonary dysfunction

Immuno-deficiency syndromes : AIDS, HIV - pathology

Cancer : Structure of Cell, and pathological modifications in Cancer.
Rehabilitation team / Disability evaluation\PWD ACT 1995\ National trust ACT 1999 : Definition of Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation team members, Methods of team approach, Concepts of Impairment, Disability and Handicap, Disability evaluation, ADL – methods of evaluation, Architectural barriers, Benefits to the disabled by G.O. and N.G.O., Types of disability, Visual, Speech and Hearing, Locomotor, Mental retardation, and Multiple disabilities Evaluation and certification of disabilities.

THE PERSONS WITH DISABILITES ACT 1995(Equal Oppurtunities,Protection Of Rights and Full Participation) ( 1 Of 1996)

Objectives - Central Co-ordination Committee, Central Executive Committee, State Co-ordination committee, State Executive Committee, Prevention and Early Detection Of Disability, Education, Employment, Non-Discrimination, Research And Manpower Development

National trust for welfare of persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities act 1997

Objectives - Constitution Of The Trust, Local level Committees, Finance Accounts and Auditing

Electro diagnosis

Nerve Conduction Studies - Electro diagnostic evaluation of peripheral nervous system, Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies Motor Nerve Conduction Studies, Evaluation of Neuro-muscular junction
Electro-myography - Insertional activity, Abnormal potentials, Motor Unit Action Potentials, Compound Motor Action Potentials C-MAP, Single Fibre EMG
Interpretation of electro-diagnostic studies in CNS conditions - Peripheral nervous system, Myoneural junction diseases, Muscular diseases
Diagnostic Electrical Stimulation - Chronaxie, Rheobase, FG Test and SD curve – clinical applications

Physical Therapeutic Modalities
Electrotherapy - Electrical stimulation, Effects of Heat, Effects of Cold, Superficial Heat Therapy Deep Heat Therapy, TENS / IFT, UV irradiation, LASER therapy, Cryotherapy
Therapeutic Exercises - Balance and Co-ordination exercises, Strengthening exercises, Mobilisation exercises, Stretching exercises
Traction - Methods of Traction, Traction at different levels, Indications and Contra-indications
Massage and Manipulation - Methods and techniques in different clinical conditions
Clinical applications - Therapeutic modalities in different clinical conditions, Indications Complications Contra-indications

Prosthetics & Orthotics
Prosthetics - Incidence and epidemiology and Rehabilitation of amputees Congenital Limb Deficiencies IPOP Prosthesis for Foot, ankle and Trans-tibial amputations Prosthesis for Knee disarticulation, Trans-femoral amputation and Hip disarticulation Prosthesis for Hand, Wrist disarticulations and Trans-radial amputation Prosthesis for Trans-humeral amputation, Elbow and Shoulder disarticulations Recent advances in Prosthetics.
Orthotics - Principle and prescription of orthosis, Cervical and Thoraco-lumbar orthoses, Orthoses for Spinal deformities, Upper limb orthoses, Lower limb weight bearing orthoses, Orthosis for weakness and deformities, Foot wear modifications, Orthosis in Polio, Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Nerve injury, Cerebral Palsy, Rheumatology & Sports Ambulatory aids, Wheel chairs and Tricycles, Assistive devices

Community Based Rehabilitation & Psycho, Socio, Vocational Rehabilitation
CBR – Community Based Rehabilitation - Principles Team members Methods of reaching community Implementation of CBR
Psychological Rehabilitation - Psychological assessment- projective and objective Mental Retardation assessment, grading, planning for special education Acquired disabilities – assessment, Depression, suicidal tendency, Psychological counselling and motivation, Acceptance of disability
Social Rehabilitation - Family status Role of the patient in the family Income and Finance support Facilities by the Government and Non-Government Organizations
Vocational Rehabilitation - Assessment of educational qualification and nature of work done Modifications Vocational evaluation and counselling Job placement Re-integration into the community

Rehabilitation of Neuromuscular conditions - Neuro-muscular Conditions
CNS- Stroke - Traumatic Brain Injury Multiple sclerosis Parkinsonism Spinal cord injury and diseases
Anterior horn cell diseases
Nerve injuries and diseases
Muscular diseases – myopathies and dystrophies

Cancer , Geriatrics and Sports Rehabilitation - Cancer
Management of cancer pain
Physiology and pathology of ageing
Senior citizens
Clinical applications Immunodeficiency Syndromes
Scope of sports medicine
Athlete and normal person
Type of muscle fibers in different sports activities
Methods of improving performance
Sports injuries
First-aid and rehabilitation management
-term disability in sports injuries
Stress fractures

Cardio - pulmonary rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation
Congenital heat diseases,
Acquired heart diseases,
Myocardial infarction,
Surgical interventions in cardiac conditions
management in post-surgical conditions
Arterial diseases TAO
Diabetes Mellitus
Venous diseases
Varicose veins
Venous ulcers
Lymphatic diseases
Rehabilitation management
Pulmonary Function Test – method and clinical interpretation
Obstructive lung diseases
Restrictive lung diseases
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Breathing exercises

Rehabilitation of Orthopaedic and Rheumatologic conditions - Orthopaedics Structure and development of bone Osteoporosis, Scurvy, Rickets Genu valgum and varum Chondro-dystrophies Gigantism, dwarfism Osteomyelitis Cervical rib, Congenital Dislocation of Hip, Arthrogryphosis, Congenital limb defiencies, Spinal dysraphism, Osteogenesis imperfecta Trauma- Fractures and complications, Volkman’s ischemic contracture, Delayed union, mal-union, non-union, Post-operative management, Post-traumatic management, Post-burns management Soft tissue conditions – Ganglion, Bursitis, Dupytren’s contracture, Muscle and tendon injuries, Trigger finger, Dequervain’s disease, Plantar Fascitis,Tennis elbow.

RHEUMATOLOGY - Study of Rheumatic diseases Rheumatoid Arthritis & Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Ankylosing spondylitis Psoriatic Arthritis Rheumatic fever and others Collagen diseases – SLE, Polyarteritis Nodosa, Scleroderma, Dermatomyositis Degenerative diseases - Osteo arthritis Metabolic bone & joint disorders – Gout, Pseudo gout, Alkaptonuria Infections – Septic, Syphilitic, T.B., Gonorrhoeal, HIV Affections of different joints
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