TNPSC Paediatric Surgery Syllabus

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
Paediatric Surgery - (Code - 128)
  • Paper I
  • Paper II

Paper - I
Basic Embryology
Normal Embryogenesis
Disorderly Embryogenesis of the following organs :
Development of Brain and Spinal Cord
Development of Face, Lip & Palate
Development of Branchial arches
Development of Lymphatics
Development of Thyroid.
Development of Heart and Great Vessels
Development of Lungs
Development of Diaphragm
Development of Liver and Biliary tree and Pancreas
Development of Spleen
Rotation of the Gut-Fore gut, Mid gut, Hind gut
DevelopmentofKidneys,Ureter,Bladder,Urethra, Prepuce
Development of Anus and Rectum
Development of Female Internal and External Genitalia
Development of Male Internal and External Genitalia
Development of Limbs
Development of sex of individual.
Umbilicus development and abnormalities.

GENETICS : Basics,Karyotyping,Chromosomal abnormalities,Genetherapy. Genetics in Oncology.
ANAESTHESIA AND INTENSIVE CARE : Intubation,Ventilatory Support,Maligant hyperpyrexia, Fluid and Electrolytes,Acid base distrubance, Monitoring of new born, Sterilisation and disinfection.
NORMAL AND ABNORMAL PHYSIOLOGY : In new born and infants
HAEMATOLOGY : Blood, Blood transfusions, Anemia, Hemolytic anemias, ITP,AIDS.
NUTRITION : Nutrition,Total parantral nutrition,Short bowel syndrome.
DIAGNOSTIC STUDIES : Lab,Radiology,Ultrasonogram,MRI,Isotop Studies,CTScan
SURGICAL INFECTIONS : Soft tissues, Bone, Brain, Infra abdominal,Pleural and mediastenal, Uninary tract, Septicaemia
PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF SHOCK : Haemarrhagic, Septicaemic.
Pathology of Tumours.
Neonatlogy : Incidence and causation of congenital defects Organization of Neo Natal Surgical Service Neo Natal Surgical Unit : Layout and equipment Nursing care of patients in intensive surgical care unit. Neo Natal Physiology and its relevance to Neo Natal Surgical care Neo Natal respiratory complications and its management
Physiology of CSF Circulation
Physiology of Renal Function in Newborn
Diagnosis of Urological Conditions Embryology, Agenesis
Surgical anatomy-Diaphragm, Adrenals, pancreas, Lungs
Surgical Physiology-Adrenals, Pancreas
Trauma, Paediatric Surgeon and the legalities
Parental abuse of children
Battered baby Syndrome
Responsibilities of the Paediatric Surgeon
Legal limitations and powers of paediatric Surgeon
Ethical imlications of certain procedures

Paper - II

Proposed Syllabus - Paediatric Surgery-IINEONATAL SURGERY

Head and Neck
Pierre - Robin Syndrome (Mandibular Retro Gnathia)
Posterior Choanal Atresia
Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate 4 Sterno Mastoid Tumour
Chest wall and Diaphragm
Congenital absence of ribs and cleft sternum
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Eventration or Diaphragm 4 Hiatus Hernia
Oesophageal Disorders
Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo Oesophageal fistula
Congenital Oesophageal Stenosis and Oesophageal Diaphragm
Gastro Oesophageal reflux
Disorders of Lungs, Pleura and Mediastinum

Pneumo Thorax and Pneumo mediastinum
Chylo thorax
Congenital Lobar Emphysema
Broncho genic cysts
Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation
Intra Lobar Pulmonary Sequestration
Extra Lobar Pulmonary Sequestration
Mediastinal Teratoma of newborn
Congenital Broncho Biliary Disorder
Heart and Great vessels
Pericardial Teratoma
Vascular Rings
Abdominal Wall
Inguinal Hernia
Umbilical Anomalies
i Exomphalos Major ii Exomphalos Minor iii Gastro Schisis iv Omphalo Mesenteric Remnants v Umbilical Polyp vi Omphalo mesenteric Duct sinus vii Fibrous Omphalo Mesenteric Remnants viii Meckel's Diverticulum ix Patent Omphalo mesenteric duct x Urachal Remnants
Gastric outlet Problems
Congenital Intrinsic obstruction of the Antrum and Pylorus
Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis
Intestinal Obstruction
Duodenal Atresia and Stenosis, Annular Pancreas, Malrotation and volvulus of the Intestines, Intestinal Atresia and Stenosis other than Duodenal Atresia, Duplications of the Alimentary Tract, Intra luminal Intestinal obstructions, Meconium Ileus, Meconium Plug Syndrome, Milk curd obstruction, Hirschsprung's Disease, Anorectal Malformations

Necrotising Entero colitis Peritonitis
Meconium Peritonitis
Bacterial Peritonitis
Liver and Bile ducts - Extrinsic obstruction of Bile duct, Spontaneous Perforation of the common Bile duct, TPN Associated Chole stasis, Inspissated Bile Syndrome, Biliary Atresia, Choledochal cyst.

Spina bifida and Myelo Meningo cele
Disorders of Renal System
1 Urinary Tract Infection
2 Hydro nephrosis
3 Posterior Urethral valves
4 Renal cyst disease
5 Prune - Belly Syndrome
Disorders of Female Genital Tract
1 Hydro colpos
2 Vaginal Atresia
3 Cloacal Anomaly
4 Vaginal cyst
5 Hymenal Polyp
6 Para urethral cyst
Male Genital Tract
1 Hydrocele
2 Torsion Testis
3 Phimosis
4 Buried Penis
5 Webbed Penis
6 Micro Penis
7 Double Penis
8 Megalo urethra
9 Penile Agenesis
10. Extrophic Anomalies
Ambiguous Genitalia, Foetal Surgery, Regional Paediatric Surgery

Face and neck lesions
1 Cranio facial Anamolies
2 Cleft Lip and Palate
3 Salivary glands
i Sialadenitis ii Trauma iii Tumours iv Technique of Parotidectomy
4 Oro pharynx and Jaws i Congenital anamolies ii Trauma iii Tumours
5 Lymph glands of the neck i Infection ii Tumours
6 Thyroid & Para thyroid i Goitre ii Ectopic Thyroid iii Thyro glossal cyst iv Thyroiditis v Cancer thyroid vi Parathyroid & Hyper Para thyroidism
7 Cystic Hygroma
8 Cysts and Sinuses of the neck
9 Torticollis

Thoracic lesions - Tracheostomy, Breast i Anamolies ii Tumours, Chest Wall i Deformities ii Poland's Syndrome iii Tumours of Chest wall, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Oesophagus i Congenital Disorders ii Corrosive Structures iii Hiatus Hernia and Gastro Oesophageal Reflux iv Oesophageal Replacement v Achalasia of the Oesophagus vi Diverticulum of the Oesophagus 6 Mediastinal - Infections, Cysts and Tumours, Endoscopy i Broncho scopy ii Oesophago scopy iii Thoraco scopy, Lungs i Congenital Malformations ii Neonatal Problems of the Respiratory Tract iii Infectious Disease of Lungs and Pleura iv Tumours of Lung, Surgically correctable Hypertension in children, Vascular Anomalies Compressing Oesophagus and Trachea, Anomalous Pulmonary venous return

Abdominal lesions - Duplications of the Alimentary canal, Small Intestine i Atresia ii Stenosis, Meconium Ileus & Peritonitis, Surgical Implications of Meckel's Diverticulum, Miscellaneous causes of small Bowel Obstruction i Mesenteric defects ii Tumours iii Cords iv Bands v Post operative Obstruction, Omental and Mesenteric cyst, Neonatal Ascitis, Necrotising Entero colitis, Polypoid Diseases of the gastrointestinal Tract, Intussusception, Appendicitis , Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Neonatal Colonic Problems, Hirschsprung's Disease, Anorectal Malformations, Retro peritoneal Tumours , Sacro Coccygeal Teratoma

ABDOMINAL PARIETES - Congenital Anomalies, Infection, Surgery, Umbilicus , Tumours and Infections, Omphalocele, Hernia, Umbilical cord , Gastroschisis, Cloacal Extrophy , Conjoined Twins

Inguinal Hernia - Liver Biliary Tree - Obstructive Jaundice in Infancy, Hepatic Abscess, Gallbladder Diseases, Tumours of the Liver i Benign ii Malignant, Congenital Cysts of Liver, Technique of Liver Resection, Liver Transplantation

Portal Hypertension - Pancreas Pancreatitis, Tropical Pancreatitis & Pancreo lithiasis, Pancreatic Cyst, Pancreatum Divisium, Pancreatic Neoplasms, Hypoglycemia

Spleen - Trauma, Haematological Disorders, Splenomegaly, Operative Technique, Post Splenectomy Infection

Stomach and Duodenum - Pre pyloric and Pyloric Obstruction
Volvulus of the stomach, Gastric Perforation of Newborn, Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis, Peptic ulcer, Foreign bodies, Bezoars, Neoplasms, Duodenal Obstruction due to Atresia, Stenosis, Annular Pancreas, Malrotation of Intestines

UROLOGY - Enuresis, Recurring Urinary Tract Infections, Dysplasia, Aplasia, Agenesis & cystic Disease of Kidneys, Renal Fusion and Ectopia , Renal vein thrombosis, Uro lithiasis, Vesical Calculus, Pelvi Ureteric Junction Obstruction, Bifid and Double ureter, Ureterocele, Fused Kidneys, Mega Ureter, Vesico Ureteric Reflux , Abdominal Muscular Deficiency Syndrome , Defects of Bladder Innervations, Extrophy of the Urinary Bladder, Urinary Diversion and un diversion, Kidney Transplantation, Abnormalities of Bladder and prostate, Tumours , Foreign bodies, Cystitis, Bladder neck obstruction, Renal Tuberculosis, Abnormalities of Penis Scrotum , Abnormalities of urethra i Posterior, Urethral values ii Anterior urethral valves iii Urethral Diverticula iv Megalo urethra v Hypospadias vi Epispadias, Abnormalities of testis i Congenital Anomalies ii Torsion iii Orchitis iv Tumours of Testis v Cryptorchids , Intersex

Adrenal Glands
Phaeo chromo cytoma
Cortical lesions
Cysts and stromal Tumours
Ovarian Cysts and Tumours Vaginal and Uterine Anomalies 2 Tumours of the vagina and Uterus 3 Effects of Ovarian Irradiation in children

SKIN AND SOFT TISSUES AND MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM - Congenital Lesions , Congenital Defects of skin, Congenital Defects of muscle, Congenital Defects of Hand and Fingers

Neoplasms - Ectopic Tissue, Teratoid Tissue, Hamartomatous lesions, Epithelial Tissue Lesions, Neural Lesions, Pigmented Lesions, Mesenchymal Lesions, Tumours of Muscle origin, Synovial Tissue Lesions, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Neurofibromatosis

Axial system
1 Lymphatic and vascular malformations
2 Gangrene of Extremities
3 Infections of Bones and Joints
4 Tumours of Bones
5 Deformities of Spine
6 Myelo dysplasia
7 Amputation
Central Nervous SystemSpinal and Cranial Dysraphism, Infections of the Central Nervous System, Tumours of the Brain and Spinal cord, Hydrocephalus

Trauma Burns Corrosive Burns of Oesophagus and Stomach Foreign bodies Air way i Genito Urinary ii Gastro Intestinal Head Injury Face and neck Trauma Chest Injuries Injury Abdomen i Blunt ii Penetrating iii Diaphragmatic injuries Genitourinary Trauma Trauma Due to Sexual Assault Extremity Trauma and Fractures Blast Injuries Gunshot wounds

Paediatric Oncology Molecular Genetic - Aspects of Paediatric Cancer, Tumours of Neural Crest origin i Ganglio Neuroma ii Ganglio Neuro Blastoma iii Neuro Blastoma, Nephro blastoma ( Wilm's Tumour ), Rhabdomyosarcoma, Childhood non Rhabdomyo sarcomas, Paediatric Germ Cell Tumours, Gonadal i Teratoma Mature ii Teratoma Immature iii Malignant Teratoma iv Endo dermal Sinus Tumour v Embryonal Carcinoma of Testis vi Chorio carcinoma, Extra Gonadal i Sacro Coccygeal Teratoma ii Mediastinal Teratoma iii Retro peritoneal Teratoma iv Cervical Teratoma v Pineal Gland Germ cell Tumour, Hepatic Tumours - Benign, Malignant, Paediatric Thyroid Cancers, Paediatric Parotid Tumours , Paediatric Lymphoma - Hodgkin's & Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Syllabus for Procedures - Operative/Diagnostic

PAEDIATRIC ENDOSCOPIC PROCEDURES : Paediatric surgeon must be assessed in the following minimally invasive surgical techniques. Upper G.I.Endoscopy: Diagnostic & Therapeutic - Sclerotheropy & F.B. Removal, Cystourethroscopy: Diagnostic,fulguration of posterior urethral valves. Ectopic ureterocele - Injection, cut, Mansuplisation Ureteric Catheterisation Colonoscopy: Diagnostic & Polypectomy, Colonic Biopsy Laproscopic Surgery: Cholecsystectomy appendicectomy cyst excision, Biopsy etc., Bronchoscopy: Aspiration of foreign body, bronchogram Paediatric mediastrinal & throcoscopic Procedure It is expected that by the time a candidate completes the training he should be able to do independently and confidentaly do the cystoscopic, Upper G.I. endoscopic procedures and Laproscopic Surgeries.

INVESTIGATORY PROCEDURE & DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES : A paediatric surgeon should be familiar with all invasive & non Invasive diagnostic techniques that are commonly done for paediatric problems.

RADIOLOGY : Invertogram Micturating cystourethrogram Barium meal studies Percytaneous Nephrogram Angiography Cine studies Intravenous pyelogram I.V. cholangiogram

NEW BORN SURGERY : Paediatric surgeon should be able to do all indexed Neonatal surgical cases., Tracheo esophageal atresia with Fistula, Anorectal malformation (low & high), Exomphalos major and gastroschysis, Deodenal atresia & duodenal obstictions, Diaphramatic hernia , Hirschsprungs disease - colostomy & all types of primary pull through procedure, Neonatal necrotising enterocolitis , Spina Bifid and hydrocephalus, Congential hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, Mecorium Illeus and Intentinal Volvulus, Intestinal Obstructions: Atresia, Stenosis, malrotation, congenital bands, Neonatal Tumours, Neonatal surgical Jaundice -Biliary atresia & Choledochal cyst

PAEDIATRIC GASTRO INTESTINAL SURGICAL PROBLEMS Colostomy making and clousure , Esophageal replacement, Anti gastro esophageal reflux surgery, Gastrostomy , Pll through procedures for anorectal anomaly , Various pull through procedure for hirschsprung's disease, Intestinalobstruction: Research & Anastamosis, Ileostomy making and closure, Intessusception -resection and anastomosis, simple reduction, Splenectomy , Patent vitello intestinal anomalies - surgery, Umblical hernia repair, Appendicectomy. , Laproscopy -Diagnostic & Therapeutic, Biliary Atresia Surgery - Kasai's procedure etc , Choledochal cyst surgery , Surgery on pancreas - Tumours psuedocyst, And pancreatitis , Hepatic tumours resection, Abscess drainage, cyst excision surgery

PAEDIATRIC UROLOGY SURGERY : Pyeloplasty for hydronephosis Pyelolithotomy renal stones Ureteric reimplantation Uretero lithotomy Ureterostomy Cystolithotomy Nephrectomy Nephrostomy Orchidectomy for tumours and Exploration Partial nephrectomy Baldder diverticulum excision Posterior Urethral valves -fulguration, excision, urinary diversion, Eternal & internal with colonic conduit, uretero sigmoidostomy etc Urinary undiversion Operation for torsion Testis Circumcision Orchidopexy Hypospadias repair Ectopea vesicae surgery Vesicostomy uretheral stricture surgery

PAEDIATRIC THORACIC SURGERY : Oesophageal Dilation, Oesophagoscopy & Foreign body removal Techniques Bronchoscopy Foreign body removal techniques, pleural drainage Thoracotomy for excision of Dublication cyst, CAM resection, pneumonectomy Thoracotomy for tumour excision Decortication and pleural toilet

PAEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY SURGERY : Hepatoblastomy -Hepatic resection surgeries Neuroblastoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Wilm's Tumour - Nephro ureterectomy Atrenal Tumours, S.C. Teratoma Ovarian Tumours Testicular Tumours Other Soft Tissue Sarcoma Miscelleneous Chemotherapy for all solid tumours.

GENERAL PAEDIATRIC SURGICAL CASES : Underscended testis Ingunial Hernia Phimosis Cut downs, Abscess Drinage .Thyroglassal cyst & fistula Bronchial fistula Excision of Lymphangioma and cystic hygroma Vascular tumours & A.V. Fistula, Aneurysn

PAEDIATRIC PLASTIC SURGICAL PROCEDURES : Cleft lip Repair-various techniques Cleft Palte Repair Hypospadias Repair Ectopea Vesicae Repair Skin graft and vascularised pedicle technique Syndactyly & Polydactyly surgery

PAEDIATRIC NEURO SURGICAL PROCEDURES : Hydrocephalus - V.P. Shunt Procedure Encephalocele (Occiputal & Nasal ) Surgery Meningocelel & Meningomyelocele Repair Spina Bifida Surgery
Technique of Resuscitation of the Newborn and Children
Antenatal diagnosis and Counseling (Intervention if possible)
Orientation with Internet and the Computer technology
Management of Day Care Surgery
Health Econiomics. junior and the senior Management
Paediatric Transplants (Liver,Kidney,Pancreas,Intentine,Lungs and heart)
Maintenace of Case records and the Library Search
Surgical Embryology, genetics and the gene therapy
Paediatric Chemotherapy regimens for Solid Tumors
Problems of babiies with Prematurity and small for dates
Physiology of the Newborn and the Drug Schedules for the newborns and the Blood Exchange transfusions.
National health programs, Progress and Current strategies
Onganazational capabilites to host Conference , Symposia, Workships etc
Membership of National and Internation Pediatric Surgical Associations and Subscribing to the established Journals in the specility.
Knowledge about the Progress made in Pediatric Surgery during the past few decades. (Transplants, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Tumor markers, antenatal diagnosis, gene therapy).
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