TNPSC Paediatric Medicine Syllabus

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
Paediatric Medicine - MD (Paediatric)

Prenatal disturbance – Antenatal care of Mother includes early indentification of cong.. anomalies and management.
Growth Monitoring – Anthropometry
Neuro Developmental Assesment – Denvar, Trivandrum DS etc.
Developmental Problems Physiological and Pathological – In child hood & Adolescence.
Adolescence – Identify physical, Psychological, Social problems & Counseling

RDA for different ages including micro & macro nutrients
Nutritive value of food items
Awareness of low cost, culturally acceptable, high nutritive value foods & preparation.
Disorders : Protein energy malnutrition – Kwashiorkar,Marasmus, Marasmic kwashiorkor. Vitamin Deficiencies, Micro macro nutrient deficiencies
National nutritional programmes : Vitamin – A Deficiencies PROG Goitre Prevention prog etc.
Essential New Born care
Resuscitatation of new born
Level I, II, III care including home care
Care of Preterm, LBW.
Neonatal jaundice, Sepsis, Hypoglycemia, Hypocalcemia, Neonatal seizures, Hypothermia, cong anomalies, necrotizing enterocolitis.
Danger signs – Early identification and early referral.
IMMUNISATION : National immunization prog. Optional vaccines Pulse polio programmes AFP surveillance etc

V. INFECTIOUS DISEASES : COMMON DISEASE IN TROPICAL COUNTRIES LIKE INDIA : Bacteria – TB, Cholera, Typhoid, Brucellosis etc.. Viral – HIV, Dengue, Hepatis. CMV Spirochaetal – Leptospirosis Fungal, Protozoal, Helminthic Diseases – Malaria, Amoebiasis, Ascariasis.

VI. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM - Cerebral palsy : Early identification in infancy Neuro developmental assessment and multidisciplinary Seizure Disorders & anticonvulsive treat CNS infections Raised ICT and sequelae Neuro degenerative disorders Muscular dystrophy

VII. RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS - Acute infections – Pneumonia – ARI control program Broncthiolitis Broncthial Asthma Foreign Body Pulmonary function test Ventilatory support & Respiratory Failure

VIII. CARDIO VASCULAR SYSTEM - Cong heart diseases – cyanotic Acyanotic Rheumatic heart diseases Rhythm disorders Congestic cardiac failure

IX. ENT & DENTAL - Otitis media Deafness Dental caries Oral hygiene

X. GASTRO ENTERIOLOGY : Vomiting, haematemesis Diarrhoea & dysentry Acute & chronic liver disease Neonatal cholestasis EHPO

XI. SOCIAL PAEDIATRICS - RCH ICDS IMNCI Vital statistics - IMR, MMR, PMR , etc. Out reach prog. School health prog. etc

XII. RENAL - Acute glomerulonephritis Nephrotic syndrome UTI RTA Electrolyte disturbances Acid base disorders Rickets

XIII. HAEMOTOLOGY - Anaemia Leukemia Lymphoma

XIV. ENDOCRIONOLOGY - Hypothyroidism & hyper Ambigous sex assessment & Treat. Short stature. Obesity

XV. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY - TEF IHPS AR Anomalies Torsion Testis Undescended testis CDH (CONG. DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA) Eventration of diagphram Umblical hernia

Text books
  • Nelson text book of paediatric 17th edition : Forfer and arneils text book of paediatrics 6th edition
  • Iap text book of paediatirc Manual of neonatal care : john. P. Cloherty 5th edition
  • Averys diseases of new borne 8th edition Paediatric cardiology - clinical recognition of cong heart diseases (joseph. K . Perloff. 5 th edition)
  • Development of the infant and young child (normal & abnormal) ( ronald .s. Illingworth 9th edition)
  • Normal child ( ronald .s. Illingworth 10th edition)Parks text book of preventive and social medicine - (k. Park)
  • Paediatric neurology – (edward m. Brett)

  • Indian paediatrics
  • Indian journal of paediatrics
  • Archives of diseases in child hood
  • B.m.j.
  • Pcna
  • Year book of paediatrics
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