Nephrology Syllabus of TNPSC

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
Nephrology - DM

  1. Structure Of Kidney - Anatomy of human kidney
  2. Outline Of Kidney Physiology
    - Renal circulation
    - Glomerular Filtration
    - Tubular reabsorption
    - Tubular Secretion
    - Mechanism of urinary concentration.
  3. Water And Electrolyte Balances : Role of Kidney in water and electrolyte balances Acid base disturbance and the kidney.
  4. Renal Function Tests: Tests For Renal Function
  5. Renal Radiography X-Rays, Imaging Techniques, Scans.
  6. Symptomatology Of Renal Disorders
  7. Techniques Of Examination In Nephrology
  8. Tropical Nephrology
  9. Dialytic Methods Of Treatment : Principles And Mechanisms (I) Haemodialysis (Ii) Peritoneal Dialysis
  10. Acute Nephritic Syndrome
  11. Nephrotic Syndrome
  12. Chronic Glomerulonephritis
  13. Acute Renal Failure
  14. Chronic Renal Failure
  15. Urinary Tract Infection
  16. Hypertension And Kidney
  17. Systemic Diseases And Kidney
  18. Diabetes And Kidney
  19. Kidney And Stone Diseases
  20. Obstructive Nephropathy
  21. Renal Tubular Disorders
  22. The Kidney In Pregnancy
  23. Inherited Disorders Of Kidney
  24. Tumours Of The Kidney And Kidney Complications Associated With Other Malignancies.
  25. Drugs And Kidney
  26. Transplantation Of The Kidney
  27. Diets In Kidney Diseases
  28. Recent Advances In Nephrology
  29. Practical Procedures In The Diagnosis And The Management
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