TNPSC M.S. Anatomy Syllabus

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
M.S. Anatomy - (Code - 121)
Paper I
Paper II

Paper - I

UPPER LIMB - Pectoral region including mammary gland, Shoulder and Scapular region, Axilla, Arm , Fore arm Hand-Palm and Dorsum Bones, Joints and Radiology of Upper limb Surface Anatomy of Upper limb

LOWER LIMB - Front of thigh Gluteal region Medial side of thigh Back of thigh including popliteal fossa Compartments of leg Foot-Sole and Dorsum Bone, Joints of Lower Limb including arches of foot and mechanism of walking. Radiology of Lower limb Surface Anatomy of Lower Limbs

ABDOMEN - Anterior abdominal wall including Inguinal region Posterior abdominal wall including abdominal Diaphragm Peritonium-Reflctions and Recesses Gastro intestinal tract including liver, Extra hepatic biliary apparatus,pancreas and spleen Kidneys, Ureters and Supra renal gland Blood supply and lymphatics of above structures Radiology of abdomen Surface anatomy of abdominal organs

PELVIS - Muscles of pelvis including pelvic diaphragm Peritonium-reflctions and pouches of male and female Pelvic facid and its modifications Urinary bladder, prostate and seminal vesicles Uterus, fallopian tube and ovaries Rectum and Anal canal Blood supply and Lymphatics of pelvis Bones and Joints of Pelvis Radiology of pelvis

PERINEUM - External Genitalia of male and female Perineal membrane, Perineal body Perineal pouches, Superficial and Deep including uro Genital diaphragm Ischiorectal fossa and anal sphincters

GENERAL EMBRYOLOGY - Gametogenesis Fertilization Germinal Period Embryonic period Foetal period Placenta and Umbilical cord Foetal Membranes Foetal circulation Karyotyping Classification Aberrations - Numerical and structural Gene Mutation Disorders-congenital foetal anamolies and teratology Genetic Engineering

GENERAL HISTOLOGY - Cell and its inclusions Epithelium Connective tissue including Cartilage and Bone Muscle Nervous tissue Blood Vessels Lymphoid tissue Skin

SPECIAL EMBRYOLOGY - Of Upper limb Lower limb, abdomen, Pelvis and Perineum SPECIAL HISTOLOGY Of abdomen, pelvis and perineum

CLINICAL ANATOMY OF REGIONS - Upper limb, lower limb, abdomen, pelvis and Perineum Important surgical approaches

CROSS SECTIONAL ANATOMY - Of Upper limb, Lower, Limb Abdomen and Pelvis

Paper - II
Head and Neck - Scalp and face Cervieal fascia and facial spaces in the neck. Triangles of the neck including sub-occipital triangle Temporal and Infra temporal region Mouth & Oral cavity - Tongue and Tonsil Nasal cavity and Paranasal air sinuses. Pharynx & Larynx - Cervieal part of Trachea & Oesophagus Granial fossae, including the meningas Exocrine and Endocrine glands of Head and Neck Bonyorbit & extra occular muscles Blood supply, Nerve Sypply and Lymphatic Drainage of Head and Neck Bones and Joints of Hd&NK

THORAX - Intercostal spaces & Contents Typical and Atypieal intercostal nerves Mediastinum & its sub divisions Lungs - Bronchopulmonary segments - ploural reflections and recessess Heart - Including pericardium & Blood supply Superior Mediastinum and its contents Posterior Mediastinum - Contents Blood supply & Limphatic Drainage of Thorax Bones and Joints of Thorax

C.N.S. - Brain & Spinal Cord & special senses Blood supply of Brain Brain stem - External & Internal features Cerebellum & its connections Cerbrum - Sulci & gyri & functional areas - Interpeduncular fossa White matter of cerebrum Deep Nuclei of cerebrum Ventricles - CSF circulation Coverings and Blood supply of spinal cord Crosssection of different levels Ascending and decending tracts of spinal cord Eye-ball - including its blood supply and nerve supply Nose - Nasal mueosa & pathway of smell Tongue - Receptors of Taste & its pathway Ear - External, Middle, Internal ear - Vestibulo cochlear apparatus Skin - Types of sensory receptors, sensory pathway.

Peripherial Nerve System - Spinal nerves & Nerve plexes Cranial nerves - Nuclear origin course and distribution Autonomic N.S Sympathatic & Parasympathatic system

Special Histology of organs of Head and Neck Thorax, Brain & Spinal cord

Special Emroyology of organs of Head & Neck Thorax, Brain Spinal cord

Radiology pertaining to Head & Neck Thorax and Brain Contrast techniques - Relevant to the Head and Neck Thorax, Brain & Spinal cord

Cross sectional Antomy of Head & Neck Thorax, Brain & Spinal cord

Surfact Antomy of important glands, organs, blood vessels, nerves of Head & Neck Thorax, Brain and Spinal cord including Bonyland marks.

Clinical Anotomy of Head and Neck Thorax, Brain Spinal Cord including surgical approaches of important structure of Head & Neck Thorax, Brain and Spinal cord
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