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Medical Speciality Subjects Syllabus of TNPSC

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
Medical Speciality Subjects

CodeMedical Speciality Subjects
120AnasthesiologyPaper I & II
017Bio-Chemistry (M.D)Paper I & II
123Cardiothoracic SurgeryPaper I & II
122Community MedicinePaper I & II
124Dermatology - M.DPaper I & II
--ENT - (MS)--
125Forensic Medicine - M.DPaper I & II
126Gento Urinary SurgeryPaper I & II
089PathologyPaper I & II
--Pathology Including Blood BankPaper I & II
091PharmacologyPaper I & II
096PhysiologyPaper I & II
081M.D. MicrobiologyPaper I & II
121M.S.AnatomyPaper I & II
--Nephrology (D.M.)--
127NeuroSurgery (M.Ch)Paper I & II
--Neurology (DM)Paper I & II
--Obstetrics and Gynaecology - (M.D.)--
--Ophthalmology - (M.S.)--
--Orthopaedics (M.S.)--
--Paediatric Medicine M.D. (Paediatric)--
128Paediatric SurgeryPaper I & II
--Physical Medicine Post Graduate Diploma in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation--
129Radiology M.D/DMRD (Radio Diagnosis)Paper I & II
130Radio Therapy (Radiological Physics & Radio Biology)Paper I & II
133M.D - PsychiatrySingle Paper
151General MedicineSingle Paper
152General SurgerySingle Paper

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