Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013
On the 31st March 1984 The Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology was established as an apex body to promote research and developmental activities,

The Main objectives of the state Council are:

  • To maintain liaison between Government of India and the State Government and to initiate, direct and co-ordinate research activities of Government Departments, Universities and other professional Bodies with a view to aid development of Scientific Research in the State.

  • To identify areas for the applications of Science and Technology to the development needs, objectives and goals of Tamil Nadu, and in particular, to the prevailing conditions of backwardness, rural, unemployment and poverty.
  • To advise Government on the formulation of policies and measures including technical, administrative and legal devices which will promote such application to identified needs, objectives and goals - in particular to health, education and manpower utilization with special emphasis on the development of human skills in the rural areas and in the slums, and which will promote the scientific management of the natural resources of the State.
  • To promote effective co-ordination and to develop and foster communication and other links between centers of scientific and technological research, Government agencies, farms and industries so that promising Research and Development work is initiated, promoted and effectively deployed in agricultural industry, in Government and elsewhere.

  • To initiate, support and coordinate fundamental and applied research programmes in universities. Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences and other Scientific, academic and professional bodies in areas identified to be especially suitable for the Application of Science and Technology.To prepare Science and Technology plans relevant to the development needs of the state and to integrate these plans with the Annual Plans of the State.

  • To consider, and advise Government on such other matters as are relevant to the application of Science and Technology to the problems of the State of Tamil Nadu.

  • To interact with the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Cabinet of the Government of India.

  • To promote Popularization of Science and Technology among the public by way of organizing Awareness Programmes, Training Programmes, Exhibitions, Seminars and Lectures including Audio Visual Presentation and such other activities independently and through voluntary agencies.

    Contact: http://www.tanscst.org
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