Tamil Virtual Academy Courses

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013

Tamil Virtual University offer various certificate, diploma, under graduate, post graduate and doctoral Courses in Tamil. Given below is the list of courses offered by Tamil Virtual University.

Primary Course in Tamil

This programme carries: Letters, conversation, stories, songs, a few words currently in use and animation with audio and video facilities.

Certificate Course in Tamil

Certificate Course is offered at three levels:
  • Basic Level (classes 1 & 2)
  • Intermediate Level (classes 3 & 4)
  • Advanced Level (classes 5 & 6)

Higher Certificate ( classes 7 to 12 )

Higher Certificate Course is offered at three levels:
  • Grade 1 ( classes 7 & 8 )
  • Grade 2 ( classes 9 & 10 )
  • Grade 3 (classes 11 & 12)

Eligibility for Admission:
There is no entry requirement or age restriction for admission to the Certificate Programme.
Students are free to enroll at any Levels / Grades of the Certificate / Higher Certificate Programme, depending on the self-assessment of their own competence in the use of Tamil.

Each of the Levels / Grades of the Certificate, Higher Certificate Programmes require a minimum study period of two Semesters (One Year) each.
However, students would be permitted to take examinations at any point of time after the completion of the minimum period.

Degree Course

  • B.A. (Tamilology)
  • Higher Secondary Course (10+2 Years pattern) (or)
  • TVA Higher Certificate Grade 3 (or)
  • TVA Entrance Examination¬† (or) an equivalent
The three parts mentioned below have been planned to be studied over a period of three years.

The University also offers diploma, higher diploma, post graduate and also Ph.D Courses in Tamilology.
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