Periyar University Courses

Updated on: Feb 27, 2013

Periyar University offer various under graduate, post graduate and doctoral courses. Given below is the list of courses offered by Periyar University
  • B. Sc.-Computer Technology
  • B. Sc.-Engineering
  • B. Sc. -Information Technology
  • M. Sc.-Bio-Engineering Technology
  • M. Sc.-E-Commerce & Web Technology

  • Architecture
    B. Arch-Architecture

  • Biochemistry
    B. Sc.-Bio chemistry
    M. Phil-Bio chemistry
    M. Sc.-Bio chemistry
    Ph. D-Bio chemistry

  • Biotechnology
    B. Sc.-Bio technology
    M. Phil-Bio technology
    M. Sc.-Bio technology

  • Botany
    B. Sc.-Botany
    M. Phil-Botany
    M. Sc.-Botany
    Ph. D-Botany

  • Business Administration
    BBA./MBA-Business Administration

  • Business Management
    B. B. M.-Business Management

  • Chemical Technology
    B. Tech-Chemical Technology

  • Chemistry
    B. Sc.-Chemistry
    B. Tech-Textile Chemistry
    M. Phil-Chemistry
    M. Sc.-Chemistry
    Ph. D-Chemistry

  • Civil Engineering
    BE-Civil Engineering

  • Co-operation

  • Commerce
    M. Com.-Commerce
    M. Phil-Commerce
    Ph. D-Commerce

  • Communication Systems
    M. Sc.-Data Communication Networks

  • Computer Applications
    B.Com.-Computer Applications
    BCA-Computer Applications
    M. Phil-Computer Applications
    MCA-Computer Applications
    Ph. D-Computer Applications

  • Computer Engg. School of Engineering
    M. Phil-Computer Engineering
    Ph. D-Computer Engineering

  • Computer Science
    B. Sc.-Computer Science
    M. Phil-Computer Science
    M. Sc.-Computer Science
    M. Sc.-E-Commerce & Web Design
    Ph. D-Computer Science

  • Computer Science & Engineering
    B. E-Computer Science And Engineering

  • Corporate Secretaryship
    B. C. S.-Corporate Secretaryship

  • Economics
    M. A.-Economics
    M. Phil-Economics
    Ph. D-Economics

  • Education
    B. Ed.-Education
    M. Ed.-Education
    M. Phil-Education
    Ph. D-Education

  • Electronics
    B. E-Electronics and Communication Engineering
    B. Sc.-Electronics

  • Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
    B. E-Electrical And Electronics Engineering
    B. E-Electronics & Instrumentation
    M. Phil-Electronics & Electrical
    Ph. D-Electronics & Electrical

  • Engineering & Technology
    BE-Metallurgical Engineering
    M. E.-CAD/CAM Engineering

  • English Language and Literature
    M. A.-English

  • Geography
    B. Sc.-Geography

  • Geology
    B. Sc.-Applied Geology
    M. Sc.-Applied Geology

  • History
    M. A.-History
    M. Phil-History
    Ph. D-History

  • Home Science
    B. Sc.-Home Science

  • Information Technology
    B. E-Information Technology
    B. Sc.-Information Science
    B. Tech-Information Technology
    M. Sc.-Information Science
    M. Sc.-Information Science & Management
    M. Sc.-Information Tech. and Management

  • Instrumentation
    B. E-Instrumentation And Control Engineering

  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
    B. E-Metallurgical Engineering

  • Mathematics
    B. Sc.-Mathematics
    M. Phil-Mathematics
    M. Sc.-Mathematics
    Ph. D-Mathematics

  • Mechanical Engineering
    B. E-Mechatronics

  • Microbiology
    B. Sc.-Micro Biology
    M. Phil-Micro Biology
    M. Sc.-Applied Microbiology
    Ph. D-Micro Biology

  • Nutrition and Dietetics
    B. Sc.-Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Physical Education
    B. P. Ed-Physical Education
    M. P. Ed.-Physical Education

  • Physics
    B. Sc.-Physics

  • Political Science
    B.A-Political Science

  • Production Engineering
    B. E-Production Engineering

  • Science
    M. Sc.Software Science

  • Statistics
    B. Sc.-Statistics with Computer Applications
    M. Sc.-Statistics with Computer Applications

  • Structural Design
    M. E.-Structural Engineering

  • Tamil
    M. A.-Tamil
    M. Phil-Tamil
    Ph. D-Tamil

  • Textile Designing & Printing
    B. E-Textile Technology
    B. Tech-Textile Technology

  • Zoology
    B. Sc.-Zoology
    M. Phil-Zoology
    M. Sc.-Zoology
    Ph. D-Zoology
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